Other Toxin Treatments

Prices from £130

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Gummy smile – £130

Well placed boluses in the upper part of the lip will bring the lip border down, reducing the proportion visible gum when smiling. Whilst sublte, peri-oral botox shoud be used sparingly as it may affect mouth functioning. In this case it was used prior to lip filler.

Chin – £130

Perioral – £130

Careful placement of toxin in the upper lip can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as it does in the upper face. Additional benefits can include an increase in percieved lip thickness as the lip tuns out slightly. Here, the lip enhancement isn’t obvious, but even the deepest lines have sofentened 

Masseter – £290

Toxin treatment to the angle of the jaw (masseter musle) can be striking. This case illustrates that face shape can be dramtically altered over several treatments. For this case, the result was remarkable following only one treament.

Hyperhydrosis – £400